Johann Wolfgang Ohngemach. Born in Barcelona 1972.

Studied Graphic Design in ASP, in Warsaw (Poland) and Editorial Photography in Leeds (UK).

Currently living in Barcelona.


My photography is above all the portrait and body photography. I am very interested in the human expression. Portrait photography is probably my biggest passion.

The word "portrait" comes from the latin word "trahere = taking from". We can translate "Portrait" with the forth drawed, the emphasized, the accentuated...

A patent formula or recipe to produce such images does not exist - A big part has to do with the sensitivities of portraiture, but weather and light plays an important role in it too. Every human being must be studied and worked differently:

A passive person should be provoked, a lively or extroverted person must be extenuated or dulled. To "conquer" this objective you need to work with flair. Obstructive is as well the intention to be liked by the camera: The camera should not exist in the minds of the portrayed.

Good portraiture is a "one on one" treatment. There is a communication between the portraitist and the portrayed. There is a sort of trust or connection between both parts.

The final purpose is to produce natural looking images. Very often I relate the work of a photographer with that of a midwife: Carefully is the face released and the whole becomes visible as an image...


Creativity is the basis of self-expression. I am deeply moved to express myself. It is a strong desire that burns inside me. Creativity is the desire to express ourselves. To formulate these expressions, we have to draw from our reservoir of experience, dreams, desires and experimentation and mix together what was, what is, and what could be...

Creativity is a rebirth... we need to explore everything again with new eyes!

My very personal aim is to submerge myself totally into creativity using all available tools (Photography, Drawing, Painting, Movie making... ) in order to produce very personal, interesting and expressive pieces of work.


Peter Hawke (UK) / Louise Morton Model Agency (UK) / Hainsworth (UK) / Boomerang Media (UK) /Michael Fearnley Design (UK) / John Peers Hair Studio (UK) / Cloud (UK) / Rane (UK) / Denon (UK) / Rawhide Corsets (UK) / Paradiso London (UK) / Femme Boudoir (UK) / Skin Two (UK) / Plank Design (UK) / Chimera Publishing (UK) / Nexus Publishing (UK) / Nascente (UK) / Squircle Entertainment (UK) / Milcap Media (SP) / Editorial Planeta (SP) / Editorial Oceano (SP) / Blue Star (SP) / Zinova (SP) / Opera Actual (SP) / Puzzle TGA (SP) / Aglae Musica S.L. (SP) / Bufete Abogados Perera Polidura (SP) /...